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christmas/holiday EDIT

How is it almost Christmas already? This edit took me way longer to put up than it should have because December just seemed to spring up quicker than usual this year! The guide features all my favourite gifts of the moment (and okay, there may be one or two items in there for me...)

It has a mix of my favourite brands, from local to big but as always, I tried to focus on fabulous Aussie designers.

Hope you enjoy!

1. Jasmine Dowling Blushed Peony Print

2. Biology Skincare Hydrating Travel Kit

3. Uber Kate Rose Quartz Earrings

4. Anoukgarnia Candle

5. Areaware Puzzlehead Brain Teaser

6. Ovvio Tea

7. Inoko Large Timber Candle Vessel

8. Puma Basket Heart Shoes

9. Poppy Shag Cushion from Bungalow Smith

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